About EZ Glow - Photoluminescent Signs Company New York City

EZ Glow


We are a New York City company that specializes in selling and installing high-quality photoluminescent signs and Glow products. Since opening for business in 2006, we have dedicated ourselves to bringing projects up to code by providing the highest-quality products, installation, and customer service. Photoluminescent, or glow-in-the-dark, products are essential to improving safety in buildings, and since the legislation governing their usage varies by locality, you need a dedicated and professional company to make sure is everything is done right.
Photoluminescent signage is a key safety measure that helps people locate things such as exits when visibility might be low. Other than our dedicated and professional staff, what sets us apart is our close relationships with manufacturers. We are a leading e-commerce company specializing in selling and installing glow-in-the-dark safety materials because we can bring the best products at the best prices.
We take a hands-on approach to both investigating our manufacturers and bringing them to your building. Our catalog contains metal, peel & stick vinyl, and foam & vinyl products, and it doesn’t matter if you need signs for steps, doors, handrails, obstacles, or landings, we can handle it all. Not only do we have the best materials, but we also have the best photoluminescent installation team in the area.
We are compliant with all safety regulations and can help you get there too.