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Guidance and Handrail Strip

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The G6001 guidance strip was designed to meet code requirements in some jurisdictions. It is used for marking flat pathways, stairway landings, egress corridors, ramps and walls to aid in the safe and efficient movement of people.

It can also be used to outline features such as door frames. The G6001 can be used on steps if the step surface has strong anti-slip performance but should not to be used on outdoor steps if they are subjected to wet weather.

If the non-slip performance of the step itself is not sufficient chose from our other product range. The photoluminescent strip is visible for many hours after the lights go out, having been charged from sunlight or artificial light.

The G6001 guidance strip uses the GEC61 end cap.


Dimensions: 0.1″ height 1.0″ depth

MR Credit 2: Construction Waste Management Divert from Land Fill: Products are Aluminum based and 100% recyclable

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